Sunday, January 26, 2014

Painterly Pink Orchid - Fun with Textures

I spent some time yesterday going through photos from a trip to England in 2012. While on that trip we visited the Royal Horticultural Society flagship garden at Wisley. That place is a gardener's and a photographer's dream, and since I enjoy gardening and photography, I was in heaven!

One of the photos I liked was a photo of a beautiful pink orchid, taken in the glass house.

The photo on its own was a bit dark and flat, so this weekend I decided to try out some textures and blending techniques on it.

I'm getting quite the collection of textures now, and I tried out several with this image, viewing them side by side to see which one I really preferred. (It's really quite addictive!)

In the end I went with © Sisley from the Spring Painterly collection by Flypaper Textures, using the soft light blending mode.  I really like how it lightens up the image and adds a painterly feel to it.

Now I'm going to have to play with some more photos from that trip and see what I can come up with :-)

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  1. Lovely Jayne! I also go through my photographs of textures, find one I think will work, reduce the opacity with a bit of other blending to sometimes find a texture I like for a particular photo. And of course I save it in case I decide to use it again.