Saturday, August 16, 2014

Soft Pastels - Work in Progress

Just a quick post from me today.  I'm still recovering from an upper respiratory infection that knocked me out this week so I'll just share a work in progress with you.

As you now, I've recently started exploring the world of painting with soft pastels.

One of the video tutorials I watched was about painting a dog's eye from a reference photo. 

Well since I'm a horse person, and I happened to have a good photo of my horse, Star's eye, I thought  it only natural that I should try to paint it instead of the dog's eye.

I started it last weekend and it has languished untouched all week.  I plan to work on it some more tomorrow.  It has a long way to go!

The thing that has struck me most as I've been working on it is how many colors are reflected my mare's black coat.  I'm really going to have to get working on her smooth hair tomorrow!

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