Monday, September 7, 2015

Mockingbird Studio - Rearranged

It's been a while since I blogged and I've decided to get back to the swing of it again.

I'm starting off by showing you how I re-arranged my office/studio this weekend.  (I'll spare you the photos of the disaster area mid-move and go straight to the finished product :-)

It's located in the original formal dining room of our house and when we first moved in, I had a smaller computer, and a little desk looking out over the half wall into the living room.

When I got my new computer, it didn't fit on the desk, so I moved it over to the craft table, where I had a nice view of the wall and not much else. 

I lived with it for a couple of years but eventually decided I wanted a change. I was cleaning litter boxes one day when the answer came to me... I was in my studio and as I stood up after cleaning a litter box, I realized that spot had a good view out over the living room and into the garden.

So we moved the craft table from one corner to the other, and now I can sit at my computer, and with a slight turn of my head I can see outside.

My old computer desk, currently holding my old computer that I no longer use, will be my art desk and I'll put my pastels and paper over there.

The computer will be given to the Salvation Army.

I love how the studio looks now.  I just have to rearrange the artwork and photos on the wall.

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