Sunday, March 10, 2013

Introducing Mockingbird Studio

For some time now, I have wanted to come up with a name for my art studio.

OK, so it's not like a traditional art studio, with easels bearing half finished oils or water colors, tubes or pots of paint and brushes standing ready in a jar.

It's actually what was billed as the formal dining room by the builder, set right in the middle of the house, separated from the living room and kitchen by a half wall topped with arches.

Since my husband and I are the only people living there, and since the breakfast nook very comfortably accommodates four people for meals, which is the most we ever have at dinner at one time, we decided to convert the formal dining room into an office/den/studio.

And since I'm a digital artist and photographer, the only requirement was room for a desk and a computer (although I actually also have a craft table as well as some bookshelves and wall space for artwork).

So I set my computer up facing the living room and I can sit and work on my art, or any other projects, while looking out over the half wall, through the back windows at the garden and wildlife habitat I'm in the process of building. (You can read more about that here.)

We seem to get a lot of Northern Mockingbirds in this area and in previous years, we've had them nesting in the young Live Oak trees in the front garden. This weekend I was sitting indoors in my studio and realized I was being serenaded by a mockingbird.

It was out in the Live Oak tree and I was surprised that I could hear it indoors, so I had to step outside and check -- yes, that's where it was, I have the photo below to prove it :-)

 It's beautiful song went on and on and suddenly, I had the name I'd been looking for, for my studio!

How did you find the perfect name for your studio or art business?

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